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Sanober Hussain Miss Pakistan World Bikini

Sanober Hussain (born November 22, 1988) is a model and beauty pageant title holder from Pakistan. She was crowned Miss Pakistan World on 9 September 2011 in Toronto, Canada. She is also the winner of the Miss Earth Pakistan 2011 title.
Sanober Hussain was crowned Miss Pakistan World 2011 when she participated in the only pageant for Pakistan in the world. Hussain was also the winner of the Miss Congeniality 2011 award, which was a title chosen by the contestants. Hussain is the ninth Miss Pakistan World to date.

Miss Earth 2011

After winning the Miss Pakistan World pageant, Hussain competed into the world's third largest pageant. She represented Pakistan in the 11th edition of the Miss Earth pageant, and the pageant was held on December 4 in Manila, Philippines. Hussain became the first Pakistani contestant to ever win an award for the Miss Earth 2011 pageant, the Miss Friendship 2011 award.

Other works

Hussain had won the Miss Sheffield 2011 pageant and was a semi-finalist in the Miss England 2011 pageant. She has also been involved in various fashion shows in the United Kingdom and media in Canada, United Kingdom and India. In August 2012, Hussain was a judge at the 10th annual Miss Pakistan World 2012 pageant as well.

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